Alamat was born out of our love for Filipino Cuisine and its unique and delicious flavours. As a couple, we often travel to many different countries and experience various cuisines.

One of our favourite things to do is to go to local farmers markets or grocery stores to find high quality food products we could potentially bring back to the Philippines for our friends and families to enjoy. We loved the joy that good food brought.

We did our research on Filipino Cuisine and its unique flavours, as well which produce such local nut or fruit varieties were of the highest quality in the Philippines. We started with the cocount which is deemed the 'tree of life' and we discovered that it had many different by-products that were all useful.

This gave birth to our core product, our creamy and luscious coco jam which has become our most popular product to date. We hope that with Alamat we are able to share Proudly Filipino-made products with not just the Filipinos but with the world.

Our coconut jam is our core product, made with fresh coconuts and unrefined muscovado sugar. We use only 2 ingredients and create magic through carefully preparing our jam to have a creamy and luscious texture and punch of fresh coconut flavour. It is the perfect companion for your morning toasts, granola and smoothies.
Our Choco Cashew Spread was born out of our discovery of Bataan cashews. These cashews are uniquely flavorful and have a strong nutty flavour, we wanted to honour this special ingredient and create a spread. We combined this with our local cacao from Davao and sweetened this with unrefined muscovado sugar.
COCO JAM with Latik
Our Coconut Jam with latik is made with our signature Coconut Jam with added latik or coconut curds which we've cooked from scratch. The added curds give our jam added texture and even more coconut flavour. It is for those that love texture or crunch in their spreads.


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Alamat Specialty Foods is a food and beverage company focusing on delivering quality food products using locally-sourced and premium quality Filipino ingredients.

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